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Dive & Chill

We will take you on 2 scuba dives in our top dive sites we have to offer. Between dives you will have the opportunity to relax in one of the beautiful beaches of Portobelo.

Our top priority is that you have the best experience possible!

You will have a tremendous experience under the water as well as on the surface relaxing on our beaches. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to spot a diverse sea life full of color and exotic animals like the lionfish.

Portobelo offers beautifully shaped landscapes of colourful reefs and gardens in the most attractive bays of the Caribbean Sea.

2 Boat Dives

Weight belt

2 tanks with air


Snack (fruit based)


Diver getting Ready


Rental Equipment

Key Information

*All our equipment is Scubapro

Regulator $20

Complete equipment for 1 Dive $45

BCD, wetsuit, mask, fins and regulator (Computer not included)

BCD $20

Wet Suit $10

Mask & Snorkel $10

Fins and Boots $10

Compass $5

Computer $15

15 Liter Tank - Air $15

12 Liter Tank - Nitrox $18

(up to Nitrox 36)

  • You must arrive to the dive center at 8:30am.

  • The boat departures at 9:30am.

  • Light snack is provided and we have a great restaurant at the dive center, so it is optional to bring a meal.

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